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Biography- Carlos Barreiro Resume

Carlos barreiro
Carlos Barreiro.  Cuban Painter and Photographer.

Lázaro Carlos Martínez Barreiro, was born in the city of Havana, Cuba, in November of 1967.
In 1990 he graduated in Civil Engineering, a profession he held until 1994.
He began in the art world, as promoter of plastic arts, same year.
Founder of Havana Gallery in Chicago, he worked as Art Dealer at Space 12, Boston Gallery.
He founded and was director of the private Gallery Space 52 in Obispo Street, Havana, Cuba. Raúl Hernández participated actively in its creation. Inaugurated on February 6, 1999 and closed in January 2001.
Originally the colonial residence that occupied the gallery corresponded to nº 52.
Working with 30 contemporary Cuban artists:  Pedro de Oraá, Raúl Hernández, Agustín Bejerano, Pablo H,
Rigoberto Mena, Barbararo Reyes (Pango),  Jorge Barreiro,  Orestes Gaulhiac, José Bruzón, Alejandro Lazo,
Carlos Joao. Perfect Romero (Fidel and Raul Castro, Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos photographer )
Regina Fernandez, Keith Catwell, Manuel Gesty, Pichardo …
In 2001 he began his career as a painter and in 2006 he began his photographic work
Self-taught, he has personally participated in exhibitions in the cities of Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Brussels,
New York, Boston, New Jersey, Miami, Panama and Havana.
His work is present in the collections of Villem Van Gogh, director of the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam,
the collection of Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida and the Italian architect Giorgio Bonini, Alain Delon,
Andrea Bocelli and Mirna Lissi family.
Works in Mexico in the collection of Gina Diez Barroso, family Lomelin and the collector Alvaro Laviada.
In Cuba, the collections of Miguel Barnet, Alicia Alonso and his former gallery owner Tony Piñera stand out.
The Gallery in its cultural project functions, sponsored a school Julio Pino.of children with learning disorder.


Carlos Barreiro has done 8 personal samples and participated in 18 collective.
Project Cuba I – II – III.  Space 12 Gallery, Boston.
Gallery 52, organized a commemorative exhibition of Agustín Bejarano, personal samples of Regina Fernandez,
Carlos Joao, Perfecto Romero, Alejandro Lazo, Pango, Rigoberto Mena.
Collective exhibition with the gallery’s artists.
His works are present in private collections of more than 30 countries of all the continents.
He also performs performances and videoart.

Artist Notes

My work is divided into two essentially stages:

The mundane and the spiritual … that duality that we all have and that inner battle: flesh vs. spirit.

The mural represents an orgy … represents a primary stage of my life dominated by impulses that only lead man
to perdition …

My work has been representing my spiritual stages … now I am abstract because humbly, as the baby cries,
and cries for milk to the mother …

I came to call God in search of a relationship with the Creator and that Divine response was manifested to me
in the form of abstraction … for me, personally, I define God in the abstract.

It is but a celestial call to the repentance of the men of the evil way and to the reconciliation with God …
a song to the love, to the life …

To return to the Creator …. God is Love …

Carlos Barreiro